Friday, May 8, 2015

Make a Splash

The summer is coming. In fact, this afternoon is the first truly humid day that I can recall in a long, long time. 

With that being said, it's swimsuit season, and I'm excited! 

For the first time in my whole adult life that I can recall I am excited about wearing a bathing suit. 

Not that I have a 'beach ready' body. Cause I don't. 

I think I may like it so much because I bought it on  a whim. I'd not been planning on buying a swimsuit (although I needed one), so I didn't dread it for days on end. I just thought, "Well, since I'm shopping by myself, I'll just see what's over here." 

What I found is a two piece suit that covers everything quite nicely and is reminiscent of those beautiful women from the 40's and 50's. It's got these shorts that are a little longer and have these sweet ties at the bottom. It's got a razor back tank that doesn't just meet the top of the shorts...It actually goes past the top. It's flattering. I feel covered and cute, and best of all my husband loves it. 

And I'm excited to put it on. 

Now....You may be saying, "Yeah, I'm not excited about putting on a bathing suit," or "I don't own one," or "I'm not putting one on this summer."

That. Is. The. Wrong. Attitude.

Mommas, your kids want you to play with them. In the water. Not just watching them from the sidelines. 

You are the sun of their solar system, and for you to sit on the sidelines while they splash and have fun is acceptable on occasion. But that should be the exception, not the rule. 

I have the most beautiful woman in the world as my mother, and I can only recall half a dozen times when she swam with me. My grandparents had a pool that was an oasis, a pleasure to look forward to come the hot summer months. It was surrounded by a six foot tall fence, so I never understood......Why didn't she get in? 

Sometimes I got answers about her hair getting wet. Other times, I got mumbles about how she looked in a suit. 

I never quite understood that last one. My mom is stunning. 

My only regret about what I wish she'd done more was play, especially taking a dip in the pool with us. 

So, this is my challenge to moms...Get past how you look (or don't look) in a bathing suit. Likely, you'll always be unhappy with some feature. 

What you won't always have is this summer with your kids again. 

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  1. Love your encouraging words - you are an inspiration! Love you, beautiful friend. :)